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We all know about Roulette to some extent. The name "roulette" has a French origin and it means a "small wheel". A game of roulette involves the spinning of the wheel by a "croupier", better known to us as a dealer. The wheel is spun in one particular direction and the ball is spun to the opposite. The wheel eventually slows down its motion and stops in a particular pocket.

Two Wheels

Roulettes can be classified into two specific groups; a European Wheel and American Wheel. The major difference between these two types of Roulette lies in the number of pockets present in them. You will find 37 pockets in a European Roulette as opposed to 38 pockets as well as an extra zero in the American roulette. Obviously, this makes the American Wheel less profitable than the European Roulette. Hence, try playing the European roulette as it gives you a greater chance of winning.

Slots in a Roulette wheel are colored alternately in red or black, while the slot containing the zero is colored green. The European wheel consists of 1 green colored pocket as opposed to the American Roulette that has two green pockets. Wheels which contain a single zero consists of pockets that range between 0 and 26, while those wheels containing two zeros range between zero and number two. The "00" pocket remains between pocket 1 and 27.

Sectors of Roulette Table

An American Roulette gives the casino an advantage of 5.26% compared to a nominal amount of 2.70% in the European version. Therefore, try playing the European roulette as often as you can, makes sense. The roulette table is parted into three segments; "Neighbors of Zero", "The Third" and "Orphans".

The first segment refers to the pockets between 22 and 25, which are black and red in color respectively. The second segment refers to the part on the converse direction of zero, between 27 and 33. The third segment relates to all the remaining pockets of the wheel, which are not included in the other two segments.

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