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Ball Tripping

Before 1900s when gambling was yet to be legalized, roulette players were the constant victims of rugged Roulette wheels, which were meant for the purpose of cheating the players. However, these rugged wheels used in illegal Las Vegas casinos, took a backseat when casinos were made legal in the year 1931 in Nevada.

Legalization of gambling was followed by the uninformed showing-up of the gambling commission officials to the casinos. This new commission eradicated the illegal rugged roulette wheels that were previously used. They also had the power to confiscate any casino that it felt to be illegal or inappropriate. The casinos only had the option to comply with the officials, failure to do so might have cost the casinos their license. We might still encounter these wheels in illegal casinos.

Ways of cheating in Roulette

  1. Using Magnets: This is one of the complicated methods to cheat in roulette. It involves placing magnets in four sides across a roulette wheel. A ball containing steel core would be directed to any particular sector of a wheel using a button.
  2. Another popularly used method involving magnets is one where the individual pockets are magnetized. Obviously the ball evidently was attracted to these individual pockets. In this situation the dealer was also able to change to the regular ball if desired, giving the casino a usual edge of 5.26 percent.
  3. Roulette wheel being tampered: Some people actually go to the great extent of breaking inside a casino at night and tamper the wheel. They may either loosen out the pockets, allowing for smoother flow of a roulette ball inside the pocket or perhaps place chucks which are glued on the insides of the pocket, to avoid the ball from bouncing excessively.
  4. Trip the ball: another popular method of cheating involves drilling a hole on the upper part of the track, while placing a tiny spring right below the wheel's surface. This "ball tripping" strategy allows a dealer to press a lever to remove the roulette ball from the track on the upper part of a wheel. This requires great skills and timing on the dealer's part.

Another tactic employed by a group of players who arrived at differing times; the members of the gang were cautious not to communicate with each other. A member would distract the dealer, while another member would use a straw to blow at the roulette ball. This caused a ball to fall from the track on the upper part of that wheel more quickly. However, casinos have now placed a shield and cameras to avoid such cheating tactics.

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