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Legal Notices

Here at the casino site, protecting your privacy as a customer is something we are fully committed to. Within the privacy policy, you will see how the site safeguards and uses any personal information that you give out. We are also committed to making sure that any relevant information protection laws are followed and it is our legal duty that any information you give us is protected, as well.

About Wins and Losses

We promise not to sell, share, lend or lease any personal details or information regarding your losses or winnings with third parties, either, unless completely necessary for processing transactions of funds or if the disclosure of such information is needed by the law. The information will be kept completely confidential and safe inside a safe environment.

For the processing of payments, we tend to put third parties to use. Even though we cannot be held responsible for their privacy policy, we can still assure that our customers are getting professional and reliable partners through us.

About Personal Information Sharing

We might share the personal information of customers with affiliates, as well, but only in cases where the customer has signed up for the site through a particular partner, thus choosing and approving to share the information, to begin with.

The majority of personal information will be voluntarily given by customers, though some will be automatically collected by *** through statistical data of the website use of the customer. Such statistics will then be used for overall website improvement.

The site might also put personal information to use for:

  • Age and identity verification. To put the services of the site to use, you have to be of legal age within your personal legal jurisdiction.
  • Email correspondence.
  • Answers for queries to the customer service.
  • Customer profiling.
  • Account management.
  • Fund transaction administration that is processed through third parties.
  • Improvement information.
  • Surveys.
  • Market research and statistical analysis.
  • Communicating special offers, promotions, and various other targeted types of communications through phone or email.

Customers will get emails sent to them or get contacted through the phone to find out about special promotions and any other data about our available poker services. To unsubscribe, you can choose to change your personal account settings or just click on "unsubscribe" under any newsletter that you get.

This Privacy Policy needs to be read along with the conditions and terms. By clicking on "I agree", consent is given from you to process your personal information according to the privacy policy's terns. We might update the Privacy Policy on occasion, so you should review it periodically. If we make any changes to the privacy policy, they will be posted on this particular page. Any continual use of the services that we offer constitutes your full agreement with this particular Privacy Policy, as well as on any updates made to them.

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