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Biased Wheel

All roulette players crave for playing on a wheel that is biased. The term "biased" in this context means that the chances of a particular number occurring during the game are consistent or the pattern is somewhat predictable. This consistent pattern is resultant from some defect prevalent in the roulette wheel. A particular number may appear after 20 or 30 spins. By understanding the pattern, you can choose to bet on a number and doing so will significantly increase your chances of winning.

Finding and predicting the outcome of the roulette wheel requires careful examination and recording every outcome of the wheel. This could be a rather exhausting task, as the casino constantly reviews and eliminates any defects in its wheel. Defects in the wheel may be caused due to a number of reasons; such as, the wheel itself might be defected, the marble or the table might be the cause.

Causes and types of defects

A defected wheel is either a manufacturing defect or the cause of excessive use of the roulette wheel. Usually most of the defects are caused after prolonged use of the roulette wheel. The defect that increases the chances of a particular pocket appearing more often than others is called a "pocket defect". Other types of defects refer to entire sectors. For instance, if the pocket 29 becomes a bit worn, then the chance of 29 appearing during the game is significantly higher as the compartment slightly widens.

Secondly, the edges of the pockets may loosen a bit allowing the smoother entrance of the ball. This increases the chances that a ball will enter that compartment and increases your chances of winning. A particular sector may have a greater chance of receiving the ball due to a crooked wobbling rotor that is placed above the spindle. These shaky rotors paired with a defective ball can perhaps be a blessing for the roulette player.

Although defects might increase your chances of winning it does not guarantee you to win every possible game. Finding defects is also extremely challenging so make sure that you act quickly whenever you find one.

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