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Wheel Tampering

Cheating in roulette does sound pretty lucrative; unfortunately it is a very tough job and in the case of online casinos, it's almost impossible. Casinos nowadays are extremely cautious, so you might find it difficult to locate a defective roulette wheel or to tamper with it. Before cheating, make sure that you don't get caught.

How They Cheat

Before you opt for using your cheating tactics make sure that you assess the risks associated with doing so. You can cheat in a number of ways; such as:

  • Tamper with the roulette wheel through the use of magnets, which are placed around four sides of the wheel. The magnet helps in attracting the ball inside the pockets; however this strategy is rarely used nowadays as this requires you to have good relations with some casino insider.
  • You can also try to beat a ball or switch the roulette table altogether.

All of the aforementioned tactics require precision, swift hand and good connections with casino insiders. These reasons make it more difficult for you to cheat during online casino games. You can also consider punching holes in a ball to distract the croupier; this should give you enough time to cheat.

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