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Richard Marcus

Richard Marcus was born as a gambler; it was evident from a very young age when he used to bet on the color of cars expected to turn round the corner of the road. To try his luck he went to Las Vegas on 1976 at a rather young age. His gambling journey in Vegas began with approximately $30,000 dollars which he got from betting on a racetrack. He was quite good at Baccarat, so he decided to try his luck in a game of baccarat.

Unfortunately, luck was not in his favor. Richard lost all his money and was disposed from the luxurious hotel and he ended up on the roads completely broke. However, he was far from quitting. He got himself a job in some casino and polished up his skills. This enabled him to improve his skills in baccarat as well as blackjack. He also polished his skills of using the dealers for personal gains.

Road to Perfection

Richard Marcus finally succeeded in winning millions of cash through past-posting, the tactic that enabled the player to win up to 10,000 dollars while losing only $300 form all the major casinos across the globe. However, this practice was considered as a criminal act in Vegas. Addition of modern technology and cameras inside the casinos only made matters worse, but Marcus was not bothered with it at all; in fact he enjoyed taking such risks.

Marcus was caught in 1982 and faced the threat to be imprisoned for 10 yrs for carrying out past-posting in Roulette. He seemed adamant not to admit to doing anything, something taught by his mentor Classon. However, the casino detective seemed as smart as Marcus and posed as a threat to him. This team then targeted Europe in 1993 and turned into one of the most renowned past-posting teams in history. Classon's retirement was a setback for Marcus, but Marcus was too determined to be stopped.

Savannah Move

He met his old high-school pal, Andy "Balls" in Vegas and proposed him to become his team member. Richard was not satisfied so he searched for another member and this is how he met an old friend named Pat Mallery. There next target was the brown colored chips called "chocolates" that were used by them in 1994 for past-posting. On that particular night, they won around 100,000 dollars and over the course of the next 6 months they managed to get around 800,000 dollars from Las Vegas Casinos.

Marcus had become widely known as a cheat and this is when he created "Savannah Strategy", to prevent his reign from ending. By the end of 2000 the team had managed to make enough money that would suffice them to retire.

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