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The Principles of Playing Online Roulette Game

Cheating in a casino has evolved into becoming a somewhat cool thing to do. The four most famous cheats of all time are described below:

Pierre Dugal

This person is well-known to be a big pain for the French police of Monte Carlo in the 1800s. The skills behind his tactics were not one dealing cards or similar things, but it was his skills of a carpenter.

He used to enter a toilet a little while before the casino shut, and appeared with a carpenter tool- box that he used to tamper with the wheels. Due to this the ball would enter the pockets more frequently than usual. Next day, some of his family members would play and win big this also included his four wives. Despite his win, Pierre Dugal ended up broke after being obsessed with drinks and womanizing. He was caught, imprisoned and died in a prison made of wood; broke and divorced.


He is the pioneer of past-posting who was born in around 1897. A trip to a casino in Puerto Rico enabled him to come-up with a tactic to cheat the dealer. His past-posting tactic became tremendously famous and was used for decades. He also came up with a small pot similar to small salt pots to place on the chips; this did interrupt the past-posters job, but did not stop it. He was named Mumbles, because throat cancer had left him unable to speak. He could only mumble yes or no.

Dennis Sean

Better known as Dennis Nikrasch, he is mainly known for stealing well over 6 million dollars form slot machines with the help of well managed cheating rings. Although, casinos did have strong security systems, he did somehow manage to open up as well as manipulate the slot machine for his benefit. He was eventually caught in 1998 when he targeted to win a 5 million dollar slot jackpot. He was sentenced, but the sentence was reduced as he shared his secrets with the police.

Ron Harris

Ron was an unexpected culprit. He was on the board of Gaming Control board of Nevada. The knowledge that he gained from the board was applied for cheating millions out of the casino's slot machines. Eventually he targeted Keno and implemented a plan that enabled him to fix the number that would appear. His actions were soon found out and he along with his counterpart Reid McNeal was caught by the police in the year 1995. He was found guilty and imprisoned in the year 1996.

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