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Popular Cheating Methods and their Creators

Although, there are many ways to win roulette honesty, there were many attempts of cheating. Most cheaters insist on the fact that no tips on roulette, no one strategy will help you to win at roulette. The statement was announced by the famous scientist Einstein, who said: "You can't win roulette, unless you steal the money from it".

On the other hand most tips of roulette claim that cheating at roulette is a myth as it is a game of pure chance and randomness. There are successful and failed attempts to cheat casinos so, it is up to you whether to cheat or not, but you should remember that the penalty for it is rather strict nowadays.

Famous Cheaters

  • The pastposting was created by chance in early 1950's in Puerto Rico. The first man, who used this method, was operated and couldn't speak properly so, he mumbled his yes's and no's and was named Mumbles for it, and his initial name is unknown up to these days. As it has been already mentioned, he invented this cheating method by chance due to the dealer's mistake. One day Mumbles playing roulette in a casino noticed that the croupier paid out much less to a player, because he didn't notice the bigger chip under the smaller ones. So, Mumbles took it into account and organized the team that helped him to win many times.
  • The successful followers of Mumbles were Richard Marcus, Duke Wilson, Balls Abramowitz, Wheels and Sherri Skoons, who managed to win great sums of money at casinos all over the world. Often they collaborated with other cheaters and worked in groups. Mumbles are now known as a flow of cheaters in the casino world. They have improved pastposting greatly since it was invented. Although, croupiers are also aware of this cheating method and are trained to spot such attempts.
  • Using biased roulette wheels is can be considered both as cheating and a winning strategy. The first gambler, who found the biased wheel due to long calculating, was English mechanic Joseph Jaggers. He managed to win $250,000 in Monte Carlo. His followers won great sums of money too. Two college students Roy Walford and Al Hibbs left Reno casino with $25,000 in their pockets in the late 1940's. Billy Walters won more than $4,000,000 in Atlantic City casino. All of them spent weeks recording ball's track and calculating the gained information. However, nowadays it is impossible to find biased wheels, as casinos take measures not to be cheated in this way.

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