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Top hatting

Earning some extra money in a casino roulette77 does sound pretty lucrative for almost every player. Similarly, the dealers also fancy earning some extra cash. There might be a lot of ways of doing this, however not all ways are legal, "Top Hatting" is one of those techniques.

About Top-Hatting

This method of cheating requires existence of "partners" of the dealer. The dealer takes control of their partner's chips and once a ball lands on a particular pocket, the dealer can tremendously increase the value of the chips. For instance, the value of a $25 chip might skyrocket extremely quickly to $800 during payout.

This method of cheating requires precision and extremely quick and swift movement, as said by some professional dealers. The constant presence of visitors and managers make it extremely difficult to perform this task. However, once a dealer acquires these skills, it can be really easy to practice "Top-Hatting" in the absence of managers and the dealer can go completely unnoticed.

Before you opt on cheating like this, do remember that you will be punished if you get caught. Obviously, the resultant consequences of cheating, is never pleasant! The dealer might even be banned from the casino. A gang practicing this technique was caught in a casino in Britain and were put behind bars. They did however; manage to swindle thousands of dollars in the process.

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