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How to Cheat at Roulette

Roulette wheel attracts a lot of gamblers as well as cheaters. Although, some believe that cheating at roulette wheel is a myth, there were such attempts in roulette history. Some of cheaters in roulette history invented such brilliant and at the same time simple methods of cheating that are remembered and respected by gamblers even today. Most of successful cheaters were able to go away with their winning but some of them were caught.

Nowadays all attempts to cheat in casinos are claimed to be outlaw. If one is caught for cheating he can be fined and turned out of most casinos

The Most Common Methods of Cheating at Roulette

  • The common method of cheating, that was quite popular in the past, is using magnets. The cheater needed the support of a roulette dealer. He placed 4 electromagnets equally around the wheel. For the game was used steel ball. When it was spinning, the dealer was able to control its moving, activating the different magnets, when it was necessary. Magnets also could be placed in the pockets themselves. Of course, the ball moved towards the magnet. The croupier could choose whether to use simple or steel ball. However, nowadays dealers are high-paid so, they don't want to risk their job.
  • Roulette wheel tampering is possible if only the owner of a casino wishes or a player had the access to the wheel and was able to tamper it. The most popular methods are using of special sticky liquids, that would draw the ball, and placing of devices under the table to affect the ball.
  • Past posting is a cheating method that can be used by a well-trained and self-confident player. When the ball is about to stop, the dealer needs to watch the winning number. At this moment a deft cheater can move his bet in the winning number on the roulette table. However, croupiers are aware of such possibility and are trained to spot these attempts.
  • Advanced technologies also help to cheat at roulette. Not so many years ago the guy named Laszlo Kovacs put a little computer in his shoe, which could be activated by tapping. The computer determined the velocity of the spinning wheel and calculated the number, where the ball would stop. The inventor managed to win $200,000 in different casinos until he was arrested by Australian authorities for roulette cheating.
  • One more courageous attempt to cheat was done by a Hungarian woman and two Serbian men, who won $2.4 million at roulette. They used a laser scanner installed in a cellular phone.

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