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Joseph Jagger

Roulette has been the witness of numerous amazing stories of huge coups. Joseph Jagger is undoubtedly an example of such an amazing story. Joseph worked as an engineer for mill in Yorkshire. However, his interest had eventually shifted to roulette. He eventually set out to win big by finding even a minimal degree of biasness in any roulette wheel. He started off to Monte Carlo with a team of 6 clerks whom he hired in the year 1873 to help him win. He was certain that he could win a huge payout.

Biased wheels detection

Jagger was certain that any specific roulette wheel would hold at least a minimal amount of defect. He used his clerks as "clockers", they were to examine the wheel closely and record every single spin to identify the defected wheel. The casinos were oblivious to what was going on as a result of which they did not restrict this research.

To implement his plan, Joseph started playing on 7th of July 1875, as his clerks successfully identified a biased pattern of a wheel towards certain numbers. He eventually won seventy thousand dollars, which was a humongous sum in older days. Joseph followed the same tactic on the next day and eventually won a considerable amount of money equalling an amount above 300,000 dollars.

This came quite as a shock for the casino and the casino owners were obviously tensed. Their focus did shift to that particular roulette wheel on which Joseph was betting and that night the casino changed the position of the wheels. Joseph, being oblivious to this fact started playing on the new wheel and ultimately lost a lot of money. He did eventually notice that the relevant wheel he was betting on did not have the previously seen scratch marks that were evident on the biased wheel. He stopped playing immediately after noticing this.


After this he set out to find his biased wheel. However, the casino owners had unearthed this problem and they acted to solve it. The dividers of the pockets were replaced to avoid the biasness. So, Joseph lost a huge amount of money when he returned to play this time.

However, Joseph by that time had succeeded to win well over 3 million pounds. He ultimately stopped his gambling career and returned to Yorkshire, and quit from his job as an engineer and he invested in properties. He spent the remainder of his life as a wealthy man after winning a big roulette payout of all time.

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