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Laser scam

A group of three gamblers took a casino by storm when they won approximately 2 Million pounds in a game of roulette from a casino. On the first night they swept away 300,000 pounds and returned the next day to win another whopping 1.2 million pounds! The authorities suspect that the gang had used a laser device to measure the roulette ball's speed. This allowed them to guess the particular sector where a ball might fall. It does not however tell them the exact pocket; it just gives a rough estimate. The points below briefly describe how their plan might have worked:

  • A hidden laser scanner embedded in their cell phones allowed them to measure the velocity of the moving roulette wheel, after the wheel is spun.
  • The scanner also helps in measuring the velocity of a ball after it passes the point.
  • The above two calculations make it possible for the computer to estimate the likely pocket where a ball might fall.
  • These results are transmitted to the cell phone and the better gets a rough idea of where to bet. This entire process requires only 2-3 seconds.

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